Guided Meditations

          Amethyst Healing Energy

What is Meditation?
What is Meditation? In its simplest form meditation is a powerful tool for connecting to your inner self to understanding your core beliefs and energies as these are key to moving forward. Meditation is an important part of this process, for when you meditate you put your mind in that state when the mind is calm but fully alert. level Where you are not asleep yet you are not quiet fully awake. This existence, this awareness is that which we seek. It does take time and practice but meditation is the key to getting into this mindset, it helps you relax, it helps you calm your mind, turn down the volume.

Centering Mediation
Start by paying attention to your breathing, breath in and out deeply and calmly, clear your mind of any thoughts. Now Imagine yourself in your favorite place, such as the beach or park. Visualise yourself sitting peacefully and observing your surroundings. If any thoughts come to mind imagine them transforming into clouds and disappearing over the horizion. Keep breathing deeply and calmy when you feel relaxed and centered you can being working with your pendulum.

Grounding Meditation
allow yourself to visualize the roots of a tree a beautiful big tree, we will use the gum tree for that is where you live. A beautiful gum tree with an extensive root system. See this tree this root system as a deep red colour and watch it flow into the earth and nourish the tree. Focusing on an image such as this will help ground your chakra and help expand it and allow the energy to flow through it as does the water in the real life tree.

Astro Travel Meditation
There are many varied techniques for astro travel. One of the ways you can do this is you can sit there get into a place where you are comfortable and you wont be disturbed. Play some music or do what your most comfortable doing when you meditate. Totally relax and allow your self to be free of all energies. Focus your mind and your sleep patterns focus your mind to what vibrations you are working at. Imagine yourself surrounded by light close to your body. Use this light to generate an energy field around you. See yourself lifting and your vibration rise higher. Slowly focus pulling yourself out of your body essentially. Imagine that you’re sitting there and sitting outside of your body watching. Reach a hand out to yourself and try and grab the hand. You will feel a slow release of your energy's as you try to do this. It takes a lot of practice to be able to do this easily but you can do it focus on your mind. Focus on the feelings the higher vibrations; focus on releasing your body and allowing your higher self to come out.


Meditation for letting go of that which holds you back

Breath deeply, As you breath in imagine yourself breathing in light Allow this light to fill your body. As you breath out imagine that you are breathing out all that does not serve you. Breath in light and breath out that which holds you back. Breath in, Breath out. Surround yourself with a cocoon of light Visualize yourself traveling to a beautiful forest filled with love and compassion There is a river running through this forest a golden river, a great beauty beyond all you have seen. See the richness of the river feel the love surrounding you. Imagine yourself on a raft on this river. Imagine that the raft is tethered to the banks by ropes which you have tied to the raft. These ropes represent that which holds you back. Focus on the ropes and acknowledge them for what they are. These represent your fears, your, worries and all that does not serve you. Focus you attention on a particular rope, bring it to you, face it. As you do see the rope vibrating and breaking apart, watch it dissolved and fall away. As it falls apart watch it turn into beautiful golden light and allow it to return to you. (You said that you feel sad, and asked why is this so emotional? They said emotions are part of who you are currently that your learning to let them go and not let them control you) (You asked why could you see a purple light in front of you. They said that this colour resonates from deep within you. This colour represents your spiritual journey embrace it and feel its love light and guidance.) (They also told you that they are there with you. They asked you to picture a beautiful light above you. Picture this light sending you a beam of love through your head crown chakra and into your heart. Feel its love compassion guidance and peace.) Do this at a pace that suits you, you have all the time in world. Once the ropes are all dissolved into light allow the raft to dissolve as well. You are now floating in the beautiful river of life feel the freedom and the love and joy surrounding you. Picture yourself flowing with the river see the easy with which you do this. Picture no end just enjoy this moment this freedom the presence of now. Surround yourself with light and allow yourself to rise above the river. As you do this see the light of all your family and friends below Now see the lights of all the people in your suburb Now see the lights of all the people in your city You can now see the light of all the people of your country You can now see the light of all the people of the world Add to this the lights of all the animal, all the plants, and all the minerals This is the global consciousness we are all connected you are never alone. As you look around you there are beings above you and there are beings below you. The ones above are sending light and love to you and you are sending love and light to the ones below you. Feel the love and the oneness of all that you see. The universe is all connected a sea of beautiful light and love. Stay here as long as you like and come back to the room when you are ready.